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The most important part about learning to drive is the actual driving part. Knowing how to control a vehicle’s speed, signal properly, and turn smoothly are all very important aspects of not only the DMV driving test, but of driving safely in day-to-day life.

While teaching your teenager to drive may sound appealing, it is important that they learn with all of the current regulations and rules in mind. It may be tempting to teach your teenager to drive, but the rules have changed since you got your own license. A police officer may be lenient when it comes to the number of seconds you wait at a stop sign. Your student, on the other hand, will never pass a DMV test if they do not wait the appropriate amount of time.

Bad habits that experienced drivers can manage are different stories for learners. While you may have found shortcuts to your driving that you have made work for you, imparting these faulty techniques can lead to tragic consequences for inexperienced students.

Our instructors teach students to drive safely and with courtesy for other drivers. Their lessons are all geared towards preparing your teenager to pass our driving skills test in Las Cruces, NM. We model our driving skills examination off of the one the DMV gives. Once a student can pass our driving skills assessment, they can conquer the DMV behind-the-wheel test! And afterward our practice exam, there is always an opportunity for a driving skills review!

Knowing how to drive is an essential skill that we cannot live without. Unfortunately, there is much risk involved in this important activity. For the best possible education, schedule your first lesson with New Start Driving School.

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