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New Start Driving School | Las Cruces,NM | Written Skills Test

Being a good driver goes beyond how well you can control your car. While it is important to have some skill in the techniques that go into handling a vehicle, many accidents and tragedies can be avoided by having a capable command of the rules of the road. The safest drivers are those that are aware of both their surroundings and the right ways to drive in their location.

New Start Driving School is committed helping our students attain the knowledge they need to pass our written skills test in Las Cruces, NM. We have created a curriculum that is expansive and touches upon all of the laws that New Mexico has set in place for its drivers. Our students will learn and commit to memory every rule of the road. The lessons that we teach are designed to engage students and promote key points to their long-term memories.

Before our students start driving, they must first prove that they have the knowledge that is required to drive safely. Our written skills examination is a comprehensive and cumulative test that must be passed by our students. It is structured and presented in a format similar to the written portion of the test given by the DMV. There is no better written skills review than our practice test!

Responsible drivers get their start by learning the rules that dictate the way the roads work. Having a mastery of traffic laws can save much money, not to mention lives, throughout a life time. Join our school today and get the knowledge you need to become a great driver!

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